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Maybe you haven't tried yoga yet because you don't think you'd like it. Maybe you think it's not a real workout. Maybe you think it's just stretching. Maybe you've heard people chanting during a class and that scared you. 

I'll get back to why yoga is a kick ass workout, why it's not just stretching and how you don't have to chant to practice yoga another time. But now I'm going to tell you about sex.

Yoga can certainly improve your sex life.

Yoga shows us how to slow down, open up and FEEL. Yoga allows you to be more confident in your own skin as you begin to appreciate the beauty of your body and the amazing things it can do. You learn to stop thinking so much and start listening to your body. As you practice listening to your own body, you discover what your body needs. You become more aware of your bodies desires. Then you become more tuned in to the needs and desires of others. 

Yoga teaches something called mindfulness, which is simply an awareness of the present moment. Being present helps you become more aroused and climax easier.

So, here is a list of 20 poses that will help your body and mind transform into a sex god or goddess.

My wonderful friends Briana Young Roane and DJ Townsel helped me compile this list. 
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{adho mukha svanasana}

Perhaps the most quintessential yoga pose, downward facing dog is taught in beginner yoga classes and returned to again and again by the most advanced yoga practitioners. The benefits of downdog are endless; it lengthens the spine, stretches the legs, and tones the shoulders-just to name a few. It’s also very relaxing, as if your worries are just pouring off your back. Doing a down dog before sex will help you find peace and will help you to focus on the present moment. It will calm the mind and heat up the body, two important ingredients in great sex. Plus, stands as quite the invitation.


This pose is a complete heart opener. Our love, energy and breath all come from the heart chakra. Love, Energy, Breath: all incredibly vital to great sex. Cobra also gets the blood pumping to the lower back, increasing strength and stamina, and to the abdomen, increasing libido. This pose stimulates our sexual energy centers and can help men with erectile dysfunction. Ladies, show off those beautiful lady lumps and fellas, well, I can't stop singing "you can do it put your back into it."


Boat is a serious core-toning pose. And a good core is key to looking and feeling hot. This pose will help you add vigor and agility to your love making by tightening your abdomen. Boat pose strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, which will improve your sexual pleasure.

{salamba sirsasana with legs in baddha konasana}

Headstands improve circulation in the body by forcing the blood to flow in a new direction. This energizes the body, improves memory and clears the brain of clutter. Doing a headstand will stimulate the pituitary and hypothalamus glands by providing fresh blood to them. These glands are considered the master glands and they have a part in regulating our sex hormones. In addition, inversions will strengthen the uterus and help with fertility. Adding bound angle legs in an inversion will heat up the groin and open the hips, to allow for more range of motion.

{prasarita padottanasana}

This pose is great to get you in the mood for sex. It improves blood flow to the pelvic area, which increases sex drive. This pose also helps make the groin and spine flexible. It releases the groin, and opens and stretches the hips and thighs. And well, it's kind of the perfect pose for some good lovin'.

{salamba sarvangasana}

The lower half of our body suffers from slower circulation, because the blood has to travel uphill to return to the heart. This pose will increase blood flow to your sexy areas, which will then increase sexual desire. This pose can also relieve fatigue and calm the mind, which are so important for time with your partner. Shoulder stand gets the thyroid working optimally. The thyroid gland is mainly responsible for correct weight and general youthful appearance. Shoulder stand will also regulate your sex glands and is beneficial in relieving menstrual cramps.


"But she don't be tripping in the morning, I got her legs up by her ears." Neyo got this. Not only is plow pose an ideal sexual position, but also it is excellent for improving your entire sexual system. Like inversions, it gets blood flowing to places that need it. More circulation in your groin means a higher sex drive, and blood flowing to your brain will help wake you up. In this pose, your goodies are right in your face, allowing you to connect with that area visually, which can be a powerful aphrodisiac.


By getting oxygen to the reproductive organs, this asana will help increase low libido. The rounding and arching of the spine keeps your back flexible and as you curl from cat to cow, moving your tailbone up and down, you strengthen your Kegel muscles (the same muscles that contract during orgasm).


When you wrap your legs around one another, it creates a tourniquet effect, slowing blood flow for a moment. Once your legs are released, blood rushes through your cervix (ladies) and reproductive organs, warming the whole area up. In addition, this pose will increase flexibility of your major joints, and we all know flexibility in the bedroom comes in handy. Also, when you wrap your arms, this opens your shoulders and releases neck tension, making it a nice stress reliever. Eagle pose tones your quads, engages your core, and challenges your balance! This pose is great! Do it. Now.


When this pose is practiced with wide legs, you allow the upper body to sink and become more vulnerable. This helps you become more aware of your needs. Women often tend to forget about their own needs, because they are concerned with the needs of everyone else around them. We are nurturers and this pose helps us nurture ourselves. Many times we are so into our thoughts and in our head that we can't get into our body. If you find the mind getting in the way of time with your partner, try this pose to help you focus and relax. Anything that helps you be more aware will help you be more sensual. Calm your mind and think about what really gets you hot. Focus on that intention and enjoy the effects.


Crescent Pose requires the work of the entire body. This pose will strengthen your quads, inner thighs, hamstrings, glutes and the OH so important pelvic floor. This pose will help improve your stamina and is especially helpful to men who would like to build a wider range of motion in the hip area. Crescent warms the groin and abdomen, allowing the lower body to become more flexible. At the same time, it opens up the front of the body and the heart, letting the love shine out. This pose will also increase your heart rate, stimulating you and getting you ready for excitement. If this variation is too much for you at first, try it with your back knee dropped to the floor. Concentrate on squeezing your inner thighs toward one another to really turn on your lower body.

{utthan pristhasana}

Lizard pose is a great way to ease the hips open and calm the mind. Hip opening poses will encourage blood flow below the waist, while loosening and opening up the hips, thighs and pelvis. They also strengthen pelvic-floor muscles (which promote deeper and better orgasms) and inner thighs and hips, making it easier to get into a variety of playful sexual positions. Calming the mind during sex is equally as important as physically getting our bodies ready. When you can focus on your breath and the present moment, you can be more aware of your body and of your partner.

{uttana shishosana}

A cross between down dog and child's pose, this pose lengthens the spine and calms the mind. In puppy we deeply stretch the shoulders and the spine, strengthen the arms, upper back and hips, and relieve stress by releasing the tension held in our neck and shoulders. This pose, while it calms your mind, will also invigorate the body, which is a perfect combination for lovemaking. If this is new to you, please be careful. Put blankets between your chest and the floor, or prop your forehead up on a block. You do not need to touch the ground. Just melt your chest toward the ground, and play with your hip position, pressing it back toward your heels and then pulling your butt higher in the air.


Camel pose works your entire body and the benefits of camel pose make a long list! By strengthening the thighs and arms, it reduces fat in those areas. Camel opens up the hips, stretching deep hip flexors and improves strength and flexibility in the spine, relieving back pain. It opens the shoulders and chest, improving respiration. This pose is great for asthma suffers. Camel pose opens and heals your heart chakra, stimulates endocrine glands, releases tension in the ovaries, stretches the ankles, thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, and throat and compliments overall health and well being. Wow. That's a lot! Now, on to the sexy stuff. When you put your body in this position, you provide a direct pathway for the blood to flow right where it counts. Also, you put your sexy parts right out there in the open, for your love to admire.

{supta virasana}

This pose heats up the groin area and opens the hips, stretching the deep hip flexors. It's a great pose to strengthen your abdomen, stretch your thighs and relieve menstrual cramps. Reclined Hero pose promotes healthy function of the reproductive organs and improves digestion. 

{eka pada rajakapotasana}

Women tend to hold tension in the hips and thighs (men in their shoulders), so this pose is great at releasing stress that has been built up. It relaxes your lower body, so that you can welcome visitors with ease. Pigeon pose stretches our thighs, hips, and groin. Here, you also open your neck, and shoulders and work on your spine flexibility. Flexibility makes play time so much more fun. Plus, it looks sexy as hell. It's a pose full of confidence!

{setu bandha sarvangasana}

Bridge pose is a super pose for toning and tightening the pelvic floor muscles, improving orgasms. This asana will strengthen your butt and thighs, tighten your core and open your heart and hips. It's also great for non-sexy stuff like relieving symptoms of asthma and high blood pressure, stimulating lungs and thyroid glands and improving digestion by waking up the abdominal organs.

{urdhva dhanurasana}

This pose stretches your chest, opening up your heart. Heart openers are intended to cure broken hearts, allowing us a new opportunity for love. By increasing energy and decreasing depression, it's a wonderful pose to get your mind and body right for intimacy. This pose strengthens your arms and wrists, legs, butt and stomach. It stretches your spine and stimulates the pituitary gland, termed our "Master Gland", which is responsible for secreting nine hormones that regulate our whole body system, including sex organ function. This pose is even therapeutic for infertility. But the #1 reason to love this pose is, it looks gooooood. It's one of my favorite bedroom asanas.


Bow pose stretches the entire front of the body, as well as the thighs and deep hip flexors. It warms the groin and the rotation of your shoulders allows you to open up and relax as you settle into the pose. If you rock gently back and forth while in bow pose, you will aid digestion by massaging the abdominal area. And any backbend will strengthen your spine and light a fire, giving you a burst of energy. This asana makes you feel so open, helping you openly explore sexually with your partner.


The point here is to get you seated and relaxed. If lotus is not available to you, please do half lotus or easy pose (criss-cross seat). We want you to reconnect with your essence. When you're tuned in with what your body needs, you can freely express those needs to others. Take time in this seated asana to work your Kegel muscles. (Not sure how? It's the muscles used when you stop your pee.) Engage your pelvic floor and count to ten, increasing the squeeze as you count up. Then hold it for a few seconds, before SLOWLY releasing as you count down to one. This is also a great time to clear your mind. Focus on your breath by practicing your Ujjayi (Ocean) breathing. Allow your self and your mind to be still.

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